Baskin Robbins attempts to undo Michelle Obama’s efforts to promote fitness over the past four years.

They're called "Waffle Chip Dippers," and Baskin Robbins describes it as "Like Nachos, but cooler." We knew ice cream nachos was bound to be a thing eventually. We just figured we'd have to wait until marijuana strains got potent enough to inspire someone with the know-how to follow through. Basically, it's soft-serve covered in M&Ms. Snickers bars, fudge, dreams, hopes, rainbows, that kind of "me-yawn" thing kittens do when they yawn in the midde of a meow, and your fantasies of being the guy Lizzy Caplan wants to get serious with, and it lets you scoop it all up in waffle and brownie chips. Then if you kill yourself immediately after the chip hits your tongue you die happy. All for $2.99.