August 18, 2012 – Albino Pythons

These two albino pythons happened upon my screen in close succession which made me think they wanted to be posted. After three tries (and umpteen billion interruptions from three pre-teens anxious about starting school in a little over a week) at posting this I was beginning to think they didn’t want to be posted!

Here goes:

90in9 brings us this great image:

and from Jokeroo:

Now for the punchline:

The first image from 90in9 is really a BIRTHDAY CAKE!


According to The Daily Mail, this Burmese Python confection was baked by a Brit whose 6-year-old wanted an extra scary cake for her birthday. It doesn’t say exactly how she did it, though she used white chocolate fondant for the “skin”.

All in all, I think this one was worth the wait . . .