At Its Most Fertile, The Human Uterus Approximates the Golden Ratio

female reproductive tract

The Golden Ratio is 1.618. Since the ancient Greeks conceived of it, it has been found in nature and used by artists to depict idealized beauty. According to Dr. Jasper Verguts University Hospital Leuven in Belgium, it's also found in the dimensions of the healthiest uteri:

Over the last few months he has measured the uteruses of 5,000 women using ultrasound and drawn up a table of the average ratio of a uterus’s length to its width for different age bands.

The data shows that this ratio is about 2 at birth and then it steadily decreases through a woman’s life to 1.46 when she is in old age.

Dr Verguts was thrilled to discover that when women are at their most fertile, between the ages of 16 and 20, the ratio of length to width of a uterus is 1.6 – a very good approximation to the golden ratio.

Link -via The Hairpin | Image: National Cancer Institute