Asian shopkeeper sign manages to be as racist to black customers as it is to Asians.

Everyone will be looked at stupid.

White people are pretty conceited to think they can can keep all the racism to themselves. Truth is, we're all pretty big jerkbags to each other, regardless of what color skin we have. But this sign is like a misspelled slur written on a Confederate flag; it mostly makes the race who wrote it look bad. We're actually slightly better in America because we constantly talk about it, so at least we're aware of it. Unlike say, France, which is 20% Muslim, mostly from Africa, and still pretends it's whiter than the inside of a crusty baguette. Or Japan, where you're just simply not allowed to live there unless you're Japanese. Maybe Rio de Janeiro is better, but only during Carnival when everyone is wearing masks and having sex. People be racist.