After the Resignation of the Police Chief, A Dog Is the Only Officer Left on the Force

Officer NikkaBen at Ace of Spades HQ writes, “This has the perfect sitcom plot written all over it.” He’s right. Vaughn, New Mexico is a little town of about 450 people. The Chief of Police had to resign after facing felony charges. That leaves Nikka the dog alone to protect the people of Vaughn against the forces of lawlessness:

According to records, the only qualified member of the Vaughn Police Department is Nikka, a drug-sniffing dog. Vaughn's other officer isn't certified and pleaded guilty to charges of assault and battery last year. Noncertified officers can't make arrests and can't carry firearms. 

Who should play Nikka on the show?

Link -via Ace of Spades HQ | Photo: KRQE