Adobe Flash Tutorials: How to draw a (easy)Character P2

[This tutorials is for Begginers] Part 1: Music used from: Song called When the rain falls In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a character with the line tool and circle.. that's it is pretty much everything I use in my drawings also the rectangle tool but mostly for buildings and stuff. OK I want you guys to know that in flash all you need to do it's getting started! once you do that .. let it come to you .. try everything.. just grab a circle and do whatever you want with it until it looks as you wish. use your imagination and don't forget this is a Cartoon character so you can do whatever you want.. it's a cartoon it can be how you wish. This tutorial does not have voice so you just have to watch and catch my moves 🙂 don't worry it's really simple. this is not a tutorial step by step, It is rather a tutorial which serves as inspiration for you, especially people who just start "playing" with Adobe Flash. Enjoy!
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