A deeply troubled housecat speaks out in support of felines entering politics.

If Obama's breathing a sigh of relief this week, it's not because his poll numbers show him leading Romney in swing states. It's because now that Cat Video Film Fest Winner "Henri the Existentialist Cat" is entering politics, Obama's glad he won't have to try and run again in 2016. Obama knows his campaign's innovative use of the internet plays a huge part in his success, but when it comes to the internet, housecats run this. Even if they say they'll settle for a few city council seats, the wave of excitement for the possibility of the State of the Union address being nothing but a 90-minute cat video all but guarantees a cat will be in the White House in no time. Sadly, if cats have a say in legislation, it won't be long before Bob Barker is charged with several million counts of genital mutilation.